miscellaneous_edited-1Philosophy of Worship

We were created to worship. This is clear from the beginning of the Bible to its end. The primary Old Testament word for worship has a dual meaning to serve and to worship telling us that the two go together. Adam was created to worship/serve God in the Garden. His vocation was priestly! There was nothing that Adam did that was not worship. The apostle Paul says as much for the Christian in Romans 12.1. Thus, worship is a 24/7 proposition.  Having said this, when God’s people come together as a local church body, particularly on the Lord’s Day, we come to worship corporately.

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Philosophy of Baptism

In Jesus’ earthly ministry He left two ordinances: The Lord’s Supper and Baptism. We practice these two today in obedience to our Lord. Neither of these ordinances is of any value without personal, saving faith in Jesus Christ. Both baptism and the Lord’s Supper are concrete symbols of spiritual realities of which we lay hold by faith. If a person does not have faith, baptism is of no value. In other words, those being baptized today must personally believe that baptism is a symbol, or a sign, of four spiritual truths or realities that apply to each of them by faith.

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Song Evaluation Standards

Why would one song be selected over another for any given Sunday worship service? On a purely subjective level, it is because each of us has particular likes and dislikes when it comes to things like music. As someone once quipped, “that’s why they’re thirty-three flavors”. But in keeping with Paul’s practice, “let everything [in the corporate worship service] be done correctly and orderly” (1 Co 14.40), we need to have some objective standards by which we chose music. The standards we believe that meet the spirit of Paul’s demands are outline in this document.

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Christ Church of Dubuque Constitution and By-Laws

Articles of incorporation of Christ Church of Dubuque to the secretary of state of the state of Iowa. The undersigned, acting as incorporator of a corporation organized under the Iowa Nonprofit Corporation Act, Chapter 504A of the 2003 Code of Iowa, as amended, hereby adopt the following Articles of Incorporation for such corporation.

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The Unfolding Mystery

The bible is an unfolding story of creation, its fall into sin, and its redemption through the suffering and resurrection of the Son of God, the man Christ Jesus, for the forgiveness of sin.

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