Our Leadership



Senior Pastor

Chip Gatto
(563) 582-5014


Pastor Chip Gatto worked for 12 years in commercial real estate before sensing and acting on God’s call to ministry. He graduated from Trinity International University with a M.Div. He served as interim pastor at College Church in Wheaton before ministering as the Associate Pastor of Education at Galena Bible Church for 7 years. Chip has served as the Senior Pastor of Christ Church of Dubuque since it was founded. Chip and his wife, Debbie, have 5 children.


Steven Sass


Mr. Steven Sass



Steve Sass, an Iowa State University graduate, came to faith his freshman year of college and began participating in the SALT Company ministry at Iowa State University and worshiped at Cornerstone Church of Ames.  After graduation he moved to Dubuque with his family and attended Galena Bible Church. He came to the Christ Church of Dubuque church plant to continue to be taught by the full Word of God and to church in the town in which he lived.  He has served at Christ Church of Dubuque since it was founded and began eldering in 2013.  He is a Principle Engineer at John Deere Dubuque Works.  Steve and his wife, Kendell, have 3 children.



Todd Boettner

Mr. Todd Boettner



Todd, in 2003, was led by God to attend a Sunday church service at Galena Bible Church after many years of a life not under God’s Kingship.  Yet, loved by God in this hostile state, he was saved by the precious blood of Christ in 2005. Given new life, a love for God’s word and His local church, Todd and his wife came to the Christ Church of Dubuque church plant and has served since it was founded.  Todd became an elder and has taught Sunday School/ youth for 16 years.  Todd has been given a loving wife, Alauna and has 4 children.




Maintenance and Repair
Coordinator: Rob P.  (563)580-7663

Coordinator: Kendell S.


Debbie G.  twinmom@yousq.net

Laura M.  (319)404-0613  lauram@gmail.com

Usage of Facility and Church Calendar
Coordinator:  Suzanne S.  (563)599-5586


Wednesday Night Fellowship
Coordinator:   Alauna B.  alaunaboettner@gmail.com

Meals for the temporarily incapacitated
Coordinator:   Alauna B.  alaunaboettner@gmail.com

Coordinator:   Bryan bryansulz@hotmail.com

Bulletin Production
Coordinator: Rob P.  (563) 258-2133


Web Site Maintenance
Todd B. (Format and Site Layout/ Audio Sermons)

Kendell S.  (general oversight & updates)
Suzanne S. [calendar] (563)599-5586
Rob P. (schedule) (563)258-2133